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pea protein

Pea Protein

Premium European Sourced 100% Pea Protein Isolate

Peas are well known to be one of the best plant-based sources of protein, which is a major reason why they are so filling, along with their high amount of fiber.

Peas are not considered one of the major dietary allergens, making them an ideal source of protein to pre and post-workouts to those who may have difficulty intaking other types of protein.

StaZen Pea Protein is GMO-free and made up 100% of Pea Protein Isolate with no fillers, flavourings, additives or sweeteners. Just as pure as it can be! It mixes easily into your any of favorite beverages, or you may use for cooking or baking!

It offers high protein content (86% to 88%) with a digestibility of 98%, i.e. it is easily digested and assimilated into your body. Moreover, it’s rich in iron and has a balanced amino acid profile.

You’ll find your “inner peas (peace)” knowing that StaZen Raw Pea protein is pure and made up of only natural ingredients!

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